Pool Cues

A really fine cue could set you back thousands of dollars, although at some point you are paying for decoration and not playability.

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Ornate Or Simple Cue?
Decorations increase the price, but not the playability, of your cue. In fact, the natural wood feel can be lessened if too many inlays or other modifications are added to the cue stick.

A pretty design, however, makes a player confident and may give you an added boost. I feel more “psyched” to play shooting with an attractive cue.

Hard Or Soft Tip? Tip Width?
A soft tip provides added feel through the shot; a harder tip lasts longer on the stick and retains its rounded shape better. Most pros opt for a hard or very hard tip unless a repairman is handy always to replace their tip.

11-14 millimeters is the legal range of cue tip sizes for American pool. Most beginners need or want 13 mm, with 12-12½ mm for stubbier fingers or as a matter of preference after some experience has been gained.

Choose A Tip Material

Heavy, Medium Or Lightweight Cue?
A 20- or 21-ounce cue stays on line longer and is recommend for beginners. It may also be easier for the beginner to get added spin from the added mass of the cue, but beware, miscues and unwanted english are also enhanced by heavy pool cues!

Wrap Type For Grip? Balance Point?
Most cues have an Irish linen or nylon wrap, providing a more pleasant feel than plain wood, others use leather or an exotic wrap. Beginners should test for a preference of nylon or linen before buying. If you perspire excessively, leather may be best for moisture absorption.

Find where you can balance a cue you are examining on two fingertips only. Remember where this spot is located and shoot different cues to see whether you like a balance point toward the rear or forward.

Flip a cue upside down and remove the rubber bumper. Most cues have weight inserted in the butt to be changed to alter the weight and balance.

Brand Name Stick Or True Custom Cue?
Nearby my home, Russ Sill of Gainesville, Florida and Chris Nitti of Orlando are famed for quality cues made to a customer’s every whim, by hand, and for a reasonable price. Other fine cuemakers are located worldwide. Or you might select a catalog model from a mass production house like McDermott Pool Cues, Mali or Helmstetter and still enjoy a fine cue for a low price.

Save money and make your first cue or two a mass production model for around $100, until you get a better feel for what options you need and want.

Joint Structure?
A busted joint will ruin the enjoyment of your cue. Longer lasting screws (on the male end of the joint) are generally larger, with wider joint threads, than their weaker counterparts.

Color Scheme And Case?
A bright, ornate cue may be fun for you—or it may draw unwanted attention at your local pool hall. Any color of the rainbow is available as a shaft or butt stain from most cuemakers.

Protect your cue (and innocent passerby from the pointy ends) with a hard or soft cue case. The softer the case, the lighter the weight, but the less protection for the cue.

Dog Care

One of the great joys of life is acquiring a new dog. Whether it is a lively fun seeking puppy or a mature dog from a rescue centre there is the excitement of collecting the dog and the eager anticipation of the pleasures of dog ownership to come. But how can you ensure a long and happy relationship? You need to learn about dog care and training as well as considering your own situation before you even start looking for a dog.

At HomeAre there children in your household.Do you have other pets.Do you have a reasonable sized yard or garden.Have you considered the dog’s toilet arrangements.Are members of your family prepared to spend time training and exercising your dog.Can you fund good quality feed, some vet’s bills, insurance and kennel stays if necessary

Dog Breeds, Size and Weight

You will sometimes need to handle your dog e.g. grooming, trimming nails, bathing or lifting onto scales for a weight check. Obviously, the size and weight of your dog will make this easy (Chihuahua at 2.70 kg to 3.63 kg) or near impossible (St Bernard at 75 kg to 91 kg)


Exercise is a key factor in maintaining your dog’s health. Small dogs like Jack Russell Terriers will not need as much daily exercise as a working breed such as a German Shepherd.You need to decide how much time can be given to the task. The less time available the more important it is to acquire a smaller dog.

Home Environment

If you like your house to be warm some dogs may find it distressing – a Shih Tzu dog for instance or a dog with a thick coat. If you have an immaculate home filled with expensive furniture, you will need to think carefully about the sort of dog you intend to buy especially if you want a puppy.

Grooming Your Dog

You need to groom your dog on a regularly. Size comes into it but so does the type of coat. A short coated dog is obviously going to pick up less dirt, and mud. and be easier to clean and groom. A muddy dog may require washing. This needs a facility such as an old fashioned tin bath. You could use your shower or even your own bath but it means a lot of cleaning up afterwards.


You’ll find that working breeds, a broad group, including everything from guard dogs to sheep dogs are often more stubborn and tough-minded. Terriers are often bossy and a little aggressive. Hounds are usually relaxed and friendly, but sometimes difficult to train.
Carry out some research into different breed characteristics. Do this on line and ask your vet’s opinion. Dog breeders will normally promote their own breed so they are not necessarily the first people to ask for an opinion.

You will be looking to compare the following points.

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Energy level
Activity and playfulness levels
Affection and Loyalty levels
Aggression (towards people/other dogs/other pets)
Ease of training
Heat and cold tolerance
Compatibility with people and other animals

Some Breed Comparisons:


This breed is good with children and quite intelligent. They can be hyperactive if they do not get enough exercise because they are basically a working dog.

Golden Retriever
These dogs are similar in temperament to the Labrador but have less tendency to hyper activity
An intelligent dog. It has an excellent temperament. It was used as a hunting dog in times gone by so it is quite tough by nature.

Friendly, clever and not too big, making them suitable as a family dog. They can be over energetic if not exercised. They respond well to firm training.

Cairn Terrier
Busy little dogs that adapt well to children. They are usually of good quiet temperament

The Collie and the smaller Shetland are both calm, gentle and tolerant breeds that usually do well with children. They do need some constructive play i.e. fetching a ball etc.

German Shepherd
Very intelligent but it is a big dog and needs exercise and constructive play. It is loyal and a good guard dog. However, a German Shepherd must be properly trained.

Cross-Bred Dogs
Come in all shapes and sizes and typically should not suffer from in-bred temperament faults.

Owning a dog is great fun but you need to think carefully about management before you take on your new “best friend”.

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Teen Beauty

Makeup is an art. Almost every teenage girl will want to begin to experiment with makeup. Although it depends on the teen, most girls will begin to try out different shades of makeup when they turn about 14 years old. What many of them don’t realize is that it takes a lot of practice in order to perfect makeup styling techniques. As the skin of the teenagers is natural soft and in the process of maturity so the teens should try for the subtle look rather than applying lots of cosmetics. However some cool makeup tips for the teens are here to help you out while doing your makeup. Keep your make-up light for school. You don’t need to use make-up on every facial feature you have. Mix and match to find out what looks best on you.

As a first step to any successful makeup, always start with your complexion: erase imperfections. First test a foundation color by applying a thin line of color to the jaw line. This will allow you to compare color to the skin on the face as well as the neck to avoid any obvious differences. The color should blend perfectly with your skin tone. If you’re going to use an eyeliner, a pencil liner looks more natural than liquid liner. Black/Brown mascara and eyeliner flatters most faces, blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Black is usually too harsh, especially for blondes.

Tips & Warnings :-

1. Seek for a small to midsized train case to neatly pack away your teen’s makeup.

2. Remember to get your teen into the practice of washing off her makeup at the end of the day instead of sleeping in it.

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Skin Makeup Tips for Teens :-

If you carry the makeup which is used to cover up the skin, such as concealer or foundation, it is very important to make sure that you mix it inside correctly. Too many people neglect to mix it inside. When you don’t mix it in all the manner, your face is finally going to look as though you have a cake of makeup on it. This is not something that you want. Also, maintain in mind that it is important to make sure that you select the right shade of makeup, which will be used on the skin. This means that you will have to change shades according to seasons.

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Teen Natural Beauty Tips

Common Teen Concerns :-

Oily Skin :-

Face powder is the oily girl’s best friend, but don’t exaggerate it. Too much powder will look abnormally cakey thus for the in between oil accumulations, try blotting papers or even tissues patted gently on your skin.


If you have them, you cannot fight them. Braces are there and people will see them, because your smile is your more important teen beauty asset. Consequently, add some additional sparkle to your metal grin with some super shiny lip-gloss.

Tampa Concierge Doctor

With healthcare as a fast growing sector, women entrepreneurs are increasingly coming up with different services in the e-commerce space.For a few bucks more, now get healthcare at your doorsteps.

Aiming at making healthcare easily accessible at your doorstep, many app-based start-ups like Care24, ePsyclinic and Pluss are sprouting up. The common factor that binds them is that they are all founded and managed by women entrepreneurs.

The Indian healthcare market is growing fast and so is the cost of medical services at hospitals. Amid the rapidly increasing burden of chronic diseases, and the demand for quality medical care, especially for the elderly, the market is now opening up for home-based healthcare services.

Start-ups such as Portea Medical, Health Care at Home India, Homital, India Home Health Care and a few others are now taking medical services ranging from home nutrition to ICU, post-surgery care, oncology, physiotherapy and everyday healthcare to doorsteps. According to accounting and consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), India’s home healthcare industry, which consists of home-based medical devices and home services, is worth $2 billion and growing 20 per cent annually.

Portea Medical, which claims to be India’s largest home healthcare provider, handles 60,000 visits a month across 24 cities in India, and 60 per cent of its customer base comprises those above 60 years of age. While it does not handle emergency care, Portea focuses on general primary healthcare, post-hospitalisation care, chronic disease management and allied services.

Healthcare being one among many on the receiving end of the good things it has had to offer over the years. Not only have computers, phones and other devices made the lives of staff and patients at hospitals easier, but they are now bringing the same ease and convenience to your home. India is currently seeing a major proliferation of companies – especially start-ups – that bring the very best doctors, nurses, medication, and medical services right to your doorstep.

Care24 was set up with the idea to cater to that segment of population that needs professional care but does not require or cannot afford long term hospitalisation. For such patients, especially those in the age bracket of above 60, turning to untrained help at home may cause more harm than good. Therefore, Care24 aims to provide personalised healthcare at the doorstep of patients.

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Tampa Concierge Doctors

We are not just involved in connecting the patients to the right caregivers, but also specialise in providing reliable, transparent and secure services that enhances the patient experience. The core idea is to leverage technology to track the caregivers and enforce a stringent feedback system. This ensures back-to-back, integrated best quality services to our patients and their family. Through our service, a patient can connect with the right caregiver and seek assistance according to one’s needs.

Today we take a look at 2 of these enterprises that are transforming healthcare from an often lengthy and bothersome process to a quick interaction with your favourite device.

Thyrocare: Medical tests, though often an ordeal, have never been handled better than they are at Thyrocare. India’s first and most advanced Totally Automated Laboratory, Thyrocare claims to have a strong presence in over 2000 locations in India and internationally. But what’s even more attractive about this company are its e-services and its iOS and Android apps. According to Google Play, the platform lets you book all manner of medical tests online (either via its site or apps), and lets you avail special discounts on tests/profiles, view and manage your orders, pay online using your credit/debit card or e-wallet, as well as track your previous orders and reports – all of this via your smartphone! You can even get your reports sent to you via e-mail, although the app will also feature reports and other information.

UrbanClap: A surprise entry on our list, UrbanClap has landed a spot thanks to its health and wellness services, provided at customers’ homes. The e-commerce platform, though not dedicated solely to healthcare and wellness, offers physiotherapists, and expert yoga and fitness trainers at home. Available on both Android and iOS, UrbanClap claims to have tied up with the best physiotherapists, and to have certified professionals with over 3 years of expertise. The platform provides therapy for joint, shoulder, neck and back pain, or speech disorder, for people of all ages at standardised rates. The best part – you can get these services at your home in as less as INR 500 per session. UrbanClap also boasts a team of the best dieticians, whom you can chat with online or meet personally.

Want homely, cheap and efficient care for your elderly parents or a terminally-ill relative without the hassle of visiting hospitals every now and then? Welcome to the world of new-age healthcare providers right at your doorstep.

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Registry Cleaner Software is a dominant tool that helps in maintaining the speed of a system. It scans disks deeply to search for errors. Incomplete or broken registries are the reason of a slower computer. This software deletes such files after a successful scan. It is very easy to use this software. A novice can use this tool perfectly without any difficulty. User-friendly UI presented by thumbnails helps in understanding the execution of this application.

As the computer has become the necessity of life in this digital era. It is an obligation to take care of the computer. A little negligence can put your system at risk. Slower speed and crashes are basic indications of a malicious and unmanaged system. There are many ways to handle such issues but the use of Registry Cleaner Software is the easiest one. It is easily available over the internet and can be downloaded in just a click. Every version of Windows supports this tool. The working module of this tool is quite simple. It thoroughly scans the system for broken registries or shortcuts and eradicates them. This can be understood just like sweeping of the system to remove garbage.

Continuous use of computer accumulates files like cache and temporary. These files come in a large number. This is one of the reasons to have a slower computer. When you execute a specific program or search for a file, your system looks for it. Due to having an excess amount of data, it takes more time than regular. As a result, you witness a slower computer. This tool optimizes system for a better performance. Optimization is a process in which overhaul repairing of a computer disk gets done.

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There are many software or tools in the market that temper your system security to fulfill the business purpose of some scoundrels. It is very tough for you to detect these things. A good optimizer does this in seconds. Free PC Optimizer Software is one of the tools that do not only optimize PC but secures system by removing virus and threats. This tool is programmed in a powerful manner to understand the requirement of a super-fast PC. It eradicates all the unnecessary files like junk, cache, and temporary. Sometimes, browser history and cookies become the cause of a slower computer. This software helps in removing such type of the files so that your computer can run smoothly without any hindrance. You can download this magnificent tool from the official website of Akick.

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Internet Marketing Tips

6 Advantages of Internet Marketing

In today’s time there no escaping it, Internet Marketing has become the most powerful and cost effective marketing on the globe. Internet has changed customers shopping methods and with the fastly technology changes and Online Marketing has become easier than ever. Peoples can access internet from anywhere and anytime they like. Deep Immersion Media lives on the leading edge of effective marketing and communication technology in multiple channels. We use different forms of techniques such as pay-per-click, search engine optimization campaigns, email,campaigns and banner advertising.

Why do peoples like more internet marketing? Listed below are some advantages of online marketing.

Cost Effective

We can start our business advertise more cheaply than other mediums like ads on T.V, newspapers and other paid marketing methods. Internet marketing involves less; you might start blogging, email sending or social media marketing with low cost compared to others. For example, an email sending to customers is more cost effective than sending lots of direct mails.

Time Effective

Online marketing is quick and easy to start. You can set your business campaign at any time convenient for you. For example you can create a blog, PPC, email and starts campaign within in hours and take up the promotion work. Internet has lots of techniques and strategies go for any.

Target Marketing

Internet has the advantage that helps you to target and measure the response of market from different regions. It allows you to target specific peoples or consumers can buy your products. You can customers to give feedback and other quires that allow you to discover exactly who your customers and what they want. This makes your services better and suits your customers.

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Global Marketing

Now a day’s every marketer’s wishes to make a global reach and their products and services over the world. Internet marketing helps every type business whether small, medium or large scale, it can easily available to the online users. When you start online , your business makes a global reach through marketing services the SEO, PPC, social media, email sending, blogs posting and much more.


One of the best advantages of internet marketing is the ability to attend thousands of customers and consumers simultaneously. Once you setup everything successfully huge numbers selling and buying products takes place and providing best satisfaction to each of your customers and clients.

Customer Relationship

Marketing activities that are aimed at developing and maintain trusting and long term relationship with larger customers. Networking online or offline can be a powerful customer relationship technique. Use customer’s feedback and fix their issues and determines the success. According to a survey acquiring a new customers you can cost five times as much more to the existing customer.


Internet is the best techniques to make your business presence online. Online services like email marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, pay per click helps your business over the World Wide Web.

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Social Media

Social media marketing can actually grow your business when used properly, so it is important to set a goal for your campaign like brand awareness, enhance public relations, website traffic, website visitor loyalty, conversion rate etc.

Following are some Imaginative ways to publish social media updates:

1. Run a competition and giveaways

Running a social media competition and giveaways is an incredible approach to drum up enthusiasm for your business because there is a big opportunity to encourage and increase Twitter followers and Facebook likes, and make a fun involvement all the while.

2. Answer questions

Remain concentrated on offering assistance and be wise with regards to your followers to specifying your products or services and watch out for inquiries or issues identifying with your industry especially your own products and services. This way you will get more interaction from your followers.

3. Joyful and inspirational posts

It is the most popular way used today, as mostly all user enjoy reading them. Choose or make you own image quote which is visually appealing and can connect with the reader’s sentiments.

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4. Useful content

Your posts are for your followers so always posts content which is useful and relevant to your product and services. Posts like resources, books, tips or anything that fits with your followers can help them and it will end up with a lot of engagement.

5. Share achievements

Always share your achievements with your followers such as the opening of a new store, celebrating the anniversary, starting a new project, adding a new member to your team etc. By sharing achievements with your followers your fans will celebrate with you and let them know that this achievement is not possible without their support.

6. Celebrate holidays

Your social media calendar should be filled with national holidays as well as micro – holidays which are much popular on the internet and good opportunities for creative social media campaigns to attract more followers.

You have to share not only valuable information but also personal experiences and real life activities to build a good relationship with your customers and when it comes to social media post always try something new and if you limit your posts too much your followers will withdraw and lose interest.