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With healthcare as a fast growing sector, women entrepreneurs are increasingly coming up with different services in the e-commerce space.For a few bucks more, now get healthcare at your doorsteps.

Aiming at making healthcare easily accessible at your doorstep, many app-based start-ups like Care24, ePsyclinic and Pluss are sprouting up. The common factor that binds them is that they are all founded and managed by women entrepreneurs.

The Indian healthcare market is growing fast and so is the cost of medical services at hospitals. Amid the rapidly increasing burden of chronic diseases, and the demand for quality medical care, especially for the elderly, the market is now opening up for home-based healthcare services.

Start-ups such as Portea Medical, Health Care at Home India, Homital, India Home Health Care and a few others are now taking medical services ranging from home nutrition to ICU, post-surgery care, oncology, physiotherapy and everyday healthcare to doorsteps. According to accounting and consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), India’s home healthcare industry, which consists of home-based medical devices and home services, is worth $2 billion and growing 20 per cent annually.

Portea Medical, which claims to be India’s largest home healthcare provider, handles 60,000 visits a month across 24 cities in India, and 60 per cent of its customer base comprises those above 60 years of age. While it does not handle emergency care, Portea focuses on general primary healthcare, post-hospitalisation care, chronic disease management and allied services.

Healthcare being one among many on the receiving end of the good things it has had to offer over the years. Not only have computers, phones and other devices made the lives of staff and patients at hospitals easier, but they are now bringing the same ease and convenience to your home. India is currently seeing a major proliferation of companies – especially start-ups – that bring the very best doctors, nurses, medication, and medical services right to your doorstep.

Care24 was set up with the idea to cater to that segment of population that needs professional care but does not require or cannot afford long term hospitalisation. For such patients, especially those in the age bracket of above 60, turning to untrained help at home may cause more harm than good. Therefore, Care24 aims to provide personalised healthcare at the doorstep of patients.

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Tampa Concierge Doctors

We are not just involved in connecting the patients to the right caregivers, but also specialise in providing reliable, transparent and secure services that enhances the patient experience. The core idea is to leverage technology to track the caregivers and enforce a stringent feedback system. This ensures back-to-back, integrated best quality services to our patients and their family. Through our service, a patient can connect with the right caregiver and seek assistance according to one’s needs.

Today we take a look at 2 of these enterprises that are transforming healthcare from an often lengthy and bothersome process to a quick interaction with your favourite device.

Thyrocare: Medical tests, though often an ordeal, have never been handled better than they are at Thyrocare. India’s first and most advanced Totally Automated Laboratory, Thyrocare claims to have a strong presence in over 2000 locations in India and internationally. But what’s even more attractive about this company are its e-services and its iOS and Android apps. According to Google Play, the platform lets you book all manner of medical tests online (either via its site or apps), and lets you avail special discounts on tests/profiles, view and manage your orders, pay online using your credit/debit card or e-wallet, as well as track your previous orders and reports – all of this via your smartphone! You can even get your reports sent to you via e-mail, although the app will also feature reports and other information.

UrbanClap: A surprise entry on our list, UrbanClap has landed a spot thanks to its health and wellness services, provided at customers’ homes. The e-commerce platform, though not dedicated solely to healthcare and wellness, offers physiotherapists, and expert yoga and fitness trainers at home. Available on both Android and iOS, UrbanClap claims to have tied up with the best physiotherapists, and to have certified professionals with over 3 years of expertise. The platform provides therapy for joint, shoulder, neck and back pain, or speech disorder, for people of all ages at standardised rates. The best part – you can get these services at your home in as less as INR 500 per session. UrbanClap also boasts a team of the best dieticians, whom you can chat with online or meet personally.

Want homely, cheap and efficient care for your elderly parents or a terminally-ill relative without the hassle of visiting hospitals every now and then? Welcome to the world of new-age healthcare providers right at your doorstep.

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